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We want you to make informed decision

Pinnacle Analytics Sdn Bhd was set-up by a group of market research professionals who have over two decades of experiences in the market research and consultancy industry. Started its operations in 2017, Pinnacle strives to promote research-based decision making in the dynamic world of businesses today.

The founders are committed to build a positive difference to our clients through marketing research but more importantly we are obsessed in Research Integrity in executing our market research projects.

At Pinnacle, we define Research Integrity as active devotion to the ethical principles and professional standards that are fundamental in the practice of market research

Because we know …. data without integrity, is just numbers

We developed tailor-made solutions in many areas.

Retail Industry Research

As digitalized retailers increase their use of advanced analytics fueled by big data, it will be vital to re-organize marketing and business around the needs of shoppers today.

Our goal is to provide the necessary insights and foundation for our client to leverage on shoppers behavioural economics especially in their path to purchase. We assist marketing, promotion and leasing to make informed decision in giving better value to shoppers

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Core Research

We embrace technology in the area of big-data and analytics to provide actionable insights to our client to give their best to their customers.

It’s not about quantitative or qualitative research, we do not just talk about research methodology or sample size. It’s all about making sense out of the data and creating value for clients’ research investments.

It’s our mission to turn data into actionable insights to create business value for our client and we are committed to research integrity in all our projects.

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