Creating value to your shoppers

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With over 15 years of experiences in shopper research, we have developed tested and effective solutions, specifically to the Retail and Shopping Mall Industries. Our suite of research products are designed to provide clients with measurable quantitative as well as in-depth qualitative insights. We work together with you to create greater value to your shoppers. We are shoppers too.
Shoppers Experience Research

Shopper Experience Research is to measure shoppers’ behavioural economics. It provides comprehensive insights into the profile of the shoppers and their path-to-purchase.

Key findings include shoppers’ behavioural patterns and overall experiences with the mall (shoppers touch points), effectiveness of the mall’s promotions & communications and brand positioning of the mall in the eyes of the shoppers.

Insights to the shoppers' behavioural pattern will assist our clients in creating more opportunities and build better brand value.

Trade Map Analysis

Trade Map Analysis is an essential tool that help retailers or shopping malls map current and future population within a targeted trade area.

Generally, pertinent information of the population which include Gender, Ethnicity, Lifestyle, Household Structure, Income Level are key to plan marketing strategies and campaigns

Market Dynamic Study

Market Dynamic Study evaluates shoppers' needs and their shopping pattern. Insights from the research also helps to identify current shopping trend and brand purchase.

Information is generally collected within a targeted trade area or within a targeted shopper group (e.g. youth shoppers, affluent shoppers, etc)

Turning analytics into action, insights from the research will provide actionable results to client in improving their brand value and ultimately have greater retention of their shoppers.

Mystery Shopping Studies

Mystery Shopping provides you snapshot into the compliances of SOP be it on the facilities offered to the shoppers or staff service level. A tool commonly used to identify glitches along the customer service line.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning (or re-positioning) study are key to identify current Brand Identity amongst target shoppers and potential re-positioning of the mall in view of the market changes