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Online Focus Groups

How Online Focus Groups can help to understand your customer better during COVID-19?
We did not invent FGD but we innovate!

Adapt to the "New Normal"

We conduct deep and ongoing research to understand our customers. However, COVID-19 is currently affecting the execution of conventional research methods. The increasing challenges will hamper the market to grow and move forward.
While face-to-face isn’t an option, it is still possible to have meaningful conversations with your customers through online focus groups. Therefore, Pinnacle Analytics evolve our research techniques in times of COVID-19 and introduce the benefits of online focus groups during this critical period.

Advantages of online focus groups:

  • Geographical spread
    Participants can be recruited from diverse geographical locations as well as from different social and demographic group
  • Cost effective
    Online focus group can offer a significant cost advantage over face-to-face groups, neither travel, accommodation costs, nor rental for viewing facilities needed
  • Quality of insight
    Online focus groups can provide a comfortable environment where participants can provide their opinions, minimizing the chances of external factors influencing them, as they are likely to be more comfortable in their home surroundings
Feel free to reach out to our experienced & professional researchers for further details about our online focus groups service. We customize our service just to fit your expectation.
No cost is required for the service enquiry. Contact us today for a free quotation!
Recently, Pinnacle Analytics conducted an online focus group discussion about Malaysian’s sentiment towards COVID-19 and MCO impacts.
Curious about the deliverable of an online focus group discussion? Download this report summary for FREE!

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    Our deliverables

    Participants recruitment
    Web room and configuration set-up
    Concurrent technical supervision
    Audio and video recording
    Simultaneous translation service
    Video live streaming
    Analysis & reporting

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