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Exit Survey Standard Operating Procedure During Covid-19 Pandemic

Shopping behaviour has been changed during this Covid-19 pandemic. It is even more important for us to understand our shoppers on their experience and expectation towards a shopping mall to ensure we are able to deliver and meet their needs. However, exit survey can no longer be conducted in conventional, one-to-one CAPI manner.

With this in mind, Pinnacle has implemented additional steps in line with recommendations and guidance from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia to minimize its potential impact to our employees, clients and the communities.

Here’s some example of what we will be doing:

  • Social distancing & personal hygiene: Maintaining physical distance of 1 meter and wearing face mask, sanitize hand are utmost important. Sufficient supply of safety kits will be provided to interviewers for their usage throughout the fieldwork period
  • Self-completion approach: We turn our survey into a short, straightforward survey covering only the crucial questions. One may start answering the survey by simply scanning the QR code using the own mobile device. Other info? Big Data could help!
  • Location tracking post fieldwork: Not only the list of respondents and interviewers will be kept, our interviewers and supervisors are committed to record and keep track of location visited during the fieldwork period and the next 14 days

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