Fieldwork and Operation Executive / Manager



The role involves managing and administration of market research projects in the area of fieldwork and operation

Fieldwork Administration

  1. Provide supervision to existing part-timers or interviewers to ensure completion of project
  2. Ensure fieldwork achievement and quota control is properly administered
  3. Develop and provide relevant progress report for on-going project
  4. Ensure to obtain enough resources to meet project timeline and budget
  5. Prepare part-timer claims and salary upon project closure
  6. Work with Project Manager to develop improvement plans for future projects
  7. Involves in strategic planning to improve the well-being of the operation department

Part-timer Administration

  1. Recruit interviewers and part-timers on a continuous basis
  2. Provide relevant training on questionnaire administration, usage of ICT on data collection
  3. Maintain company portal to manage part-timer database
  4. Other relevant responsibilities in growing and improving welfare for part-timers in managing research projects


  1. Good command on Microsoft Office, especially in Microsoft Excel and Word
  2. Ability to do some basic programming (not a must)
  3. Ability and proactively communicate and solve problems with project manager during fieldwork
  4. Ability to meet deadlines especially when managing multiple projects simultaneously
  5. No issue in travelling throughout Malaysia


  1. At least 5 years working experience in Market Research companies
  2. Diploma or Degree in any field
  3. Team player and enjoy working with people from all levels

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